Why We Ranch

As we continue our journey together, I wanted to take a moment to share a bit more about the heart and soul behind Triangle S Livestock - and our story as ranchers.

Trevor grew up bouncing around most of Southern Idaho and I in Northern California. How did we meet...(looong story, that'll come later!) But we always loved ranching, this way of life and our passions for wanting something greater and more meaningful to life.

Trevor and Megan stark horseback

We ended up landing in the vast, beautiful, wild landscapes of Eastern Idaho. Y'all ranching is not just our passion; it's what we were meant to do. I'm Megan, a first-generation rancher, living my dream amidst the beauty of nature, surrounded by the animals I adore. My husband, Trevor, and I started this journey on 2020 with insane dreams and a burning desire to build a legacy for our kids and generations to come.

We dedicate everything with a passion and love for the land and our livestock. Why do we ranch? It's about connection - to the land, to our animals, and ultimately, to connect more people to their food that they didn't know was available to them. 

Ranching is a labor of love, where every day brings new challenges and rewards. It's about the peace that comes with the sunrise over the fields, the joy of watching new calves take their first steps, and the satisfaction of knowing that we are stewarding the land in harmony with nature. 

Our commitment to raising quality livestock is born from a desire to share the bounty of our ranch with those who value quality, transparency, and sustainability. We continue to work towards sustainability, focusing on soil health, animal welfare, and eco-friendly practices to ensure that our meat is not only undoubtedly delicious but also contributes positively to our environment. 

Selling directly allows us to forge a unique connection, one where you know the story of your food, from pasture to your plate. It's about bringing you into our ranch family as part of our family! Sharing the joys and challenges of ranch life, and offering you a product that's raised with care, respect, and a whole lot of heart. 

Why do we love to ranch? Because it allows us to live out our values every day - caring for our animals, nurturing the land, being grateful for the bounty God provides us, raising our kids in an open environment where they get to learn and experience so much more that many do not, and providing you with the highest quality beef, beefalo & bison that's not just food, but a story of our passion, our dedication, and love. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we're not just enjoying the unmatched quality of our meat; we're making a difference, one steak at a time.

Thank you for being part of our Triangle S Family!

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