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Our Family - The Starks

Trevor and Megan Stark (yep, Tony got the money, they got the looks lol) have always had deep rural roots. Trevor grew up in the ranching community, rode horses his whole life and used to rodeo in high school. Megan raised livestock most of her life, moved on a small ranch in grade school and ranched from then on raising cattle and horses. She moved to Idaho shortly after high school and met Trevor soon after moving while moving pairs on the desert. They both have always been very passionate about living and raising a family in agriculture. Having many dreams and aspirations of continuing to raise livestock, they finally had the opportunity to pursue their dreams of ranching when they moved to Rexburg.
In 2011 we had the opportunity to buy a small place on the outskirts of Rexburg, Idaho. It took everything we had at the time to be able to buy our small ranch, but we did everything we could to make it work. It hasn't always been easy and have had many struggles along the way, as everyone knows when you have passions and goals in life, but everyday waking up and looking out the window to what we have built and continue to build we feel very blessed.
Shortly after moving into our new home, we were desperately wanting to start a family. After a few years of trying and getting nowhere we were told by the docs we had a slim chance and start looking at other options, so as time moved on we figured we were toast. After an emotional hunting trip and trying to figure out why Megan was so hormonal, we found out we were pregnant and 9 months later we had Wyatt in 2014! Wyatt is now 8 and wild as ever (just like his father!) To just keep adding to the craziness... long story short we also adopted our youngest son, Boone, in 2022 through Foster and has been an absolute blessing for our family! Boone is now 2 yrs old. Time sure flies by fast!
Triangle S Livestock - Wyatt & Fancee 
Now Trevor works outside of the ranch, with a full-time job, on top of running the ranch. Trevor is an equipment operator for his family's construction company and Megan was the public info. officer for the transportation department who is now home with the kiddo and running the daily operations for the ranch. So really it's like having 2 full-time jobs but we would NEVER change it for the world! Family time means everything to us so the 4 of us do just about everything together, as a family...quarrels and all!
 Triangle S Livestock - Wyatt Riding Fancee
Over the last few years we have had some minor setback with our health and realized that life is too short to not go after our dreams. Looking at life much differently, appreciating it more and learning to "stop and smell the roses", we decided to just dive right in.
Knowing life's just to darn short, we began jumping into our dreams and aspirations of raising livestock once again. Figuring out what to do and how to make it work, we finally were able to make it happen.
With lots of sweat, blisters, tears, love and constant growth, we were able to make our dreams a reality of humanely raising high-quality, high-end Angus beef just for you!
Here at Triangle S, we pride ourselves in complete transparency, honesty, integrity, grit and God. We are constantly growing to keep up with the demand and hope you enjoy our exceptionally tender beef!
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11
Triangle S Beef- Filet Mignon

Why Our Beef?

  • We are incredibly passionate about producing only the most exquisite beef for you.
  • We believe in the ethical and humane treatment of our livestock and use the infamous Dr. Temple Grandin's cattle handling practices and facility recommendations, creating a very low-stress & comfortable atmosphere for our cattle.
  • Our beef is never treated with antibiotics, hormones and are GMO-free. We believe in pure, high-quality ingredients in order to get pure, high-quality beef.
  • If you feed quality you produce quality, which is why our beef is so exceptionally delicious and tender compared to others.
  • We are a small family ranch where we all, kid too, work together to make this magic happen.
  • We do NOT outsource any of our beef and take pride in the beef we produce for our customers.
  • Because we have control over our program, we are able to carefully monitor our cattle daily making sure every single animal is healthy and comfortable. Plus, this gives us the ability to know every single thing about our beef, how they were raised and exactly how & what they were fed!
  • Our cattle are raised on pasture, then brought in and finished on a balanced diet of high quality, locally-raised hay and grains in order to get the finest marbling possible.
  • Experience the difference in exceptional taste, tenderness and quality of our beef. It's unreal!
  • We take NO shortcuts in our operation and believe in producing the highest of quality beef at an affordable price.
  • We support local through and through. All of our hay and grains come from all local farms here in Eastern Idaho, keeping the circle of local support going strong.
  • Our beef is all dry aged for 21 days in order to obtain the tenderness and flavor that you just can't find anywhere else except in fine restaurants and steakhouses. 
  • We believe in honesty, integrity and hard work which makes us very passionate about our beef. 
  • We focus on bringing you only the finest meat to your home so you know exactly where your food comes from.
  • We offer Free Shipping on all orders to the U.S. lower 48 states and we also ship to Alaska and Hawaii for an extra shipping cost.
If you're wanting convenient, frequent, hassle-free shipments of beef shipped right to your door we also offer beef subscriptions too!



 Triangle S Livestock - Wyatt

Our Purpose

Healthy Happy Cattle = Healthy Happy Eating 

We are the Stark family and are proud to raise our livestock and family as pure and whole as we can in the fresh Idaho mountain air.

We don't take shortcuts here at Triangle S! 

We hold in high regard family traditions, getting dirty, strong calloused hands, one heck of a strong handshake and liberally caring for our livestock through devotion and hard work.

We believe in Quality over Quantity! Our animals don’t need extra hormones, chemicals or antibiotics in order to be healthy, grow and produce exceptional beef just for you.

Slow and steady wins the race and that's what we believe in when finishing our beef. We love our animals and believe you should know and experience how passionate we are about them all!

Great things take time and we make sure to take our time and do things the right way.

We are so proud of our program and feel extremely honored to be able to share our life, livelihood and experiences with you in your own home.

We hope you enjoy our story and delight yourself by savoring the remarkable flavors of our hand-raised beef (seriously y'all, they'll eat right out of your hands!)

Why do we raise and finish Angus and Angus Cross beef you say? 

"Angus are known for the high level of marbling in their meat. A lot of marbling keeps the meat moist for longer when cooking. And where there’s marbling, there’s tender, juicy and flavoursome beef." 

- Stanbroke of Steakschool.com 2020