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Enjoy Triangle S beef shipped right to your doors on a schedule customized to YOUR schedule!  

~ Subscribe & get 2lbs of ground beef for free in every shipment! ~ 

No need to go to the store anymore, you can now simply order your high quality beef and have it shipped right to your home. Making it not just convenient but simple, quick and easy!

Completely hassle-free. You just choose the beef package and products of your preference, select how often you would like to receive your beef order and checkout.

Remember, you can change the frequency, upgrade, pause or cancel your recurring order at anytime you would like.

Triangle S Livestock - Ground Beef 

Not Sure what size or what to get? Let us Help!

Let us get to know you and help figure out what size will fit you!

We want to get to know you and your family, so tell us all about you! The size of your family, how often you cook, how often you eat beef, how you like to cook, your favorite meals and we can help figure out what size would best fit your situation! 



You can pause, skip, hold or cancel your order at any time!!! 

~ But as a courtesy so we can plan our beef and make sure we have enough beef for everyone, we prefer you commit to at least 4 shipments over 1 year of whatever size order you prefer (unless its the Larger pkg sizes like Whole, Half or 1/4). ~

 Don't forget, you ALWAYS get a discount on your subscription packages. Not to mention...ridiculously delicious, mouthwatering, tender, high end beef shipped conveniently right to your door!


*By ordering your monthly beef subscription package you will be automatically charged for a new subscription package each month (or however often you choose). You can always pause, skip or cancel by logging into your account here and changing your preferences, box size, requests - or to put a hold or cancellation on your membership. You can also update payment settings at any time - because of the recurring nature of the membership - PayPal or Apple/Google Pay can not be used - membership requires a credit card.

Are you Ready to Brave the Beef?

***Please note, our subscription page is still under construction. Stay tuned for more info and updates on our Ranch Club subscriptions! For now, we are directing yall to our beef packages as we have subscriptions set-up on each individual package for your convenience. Thank you for your patience!***
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