We Made it to Fox News Live!

Trevor and I have a strong belief in the power of authenticity. Our journey from our small family ranch to the bright lights of Fox News is a testament to that belief. We've faced our fair share of challenges and triumphs along the way, and we couldn't be more grateful to our Triangle S family for standing by us through it all.


A Surreal Experience:
A few weeks ago, we had the surreal opportunity to share our story on Fox News. It was an experience that left us feeling humbled, excited, and incredibly grateful t not only share our personal experience but also be a voice and advocate for other family agriculture operations out there. We knew that this moment wouldn't have been possible without the unwavering support of our Triangle S family.
On Fox News, we didn't hold back during the brief few minutes we had. We shared the raw, unfiltered reality of our journey—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. From the challenges we've faced to the innovative ways we've adapted, we laid it all out. And through it all, we felt a sense of liberation, knowing that we were speaking our truth and speaking on behalf of many farms & ranches in our situation.
Some New Changes:
We're thrilled to introduce Elk to our Triangle S Family, bringing you an extra taste of the wild to your table. It's a bold move, but one that we believe reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries and providing you with the very best.
We also just recently made our critically acclaimed Bison available in BULK Shares! So you can now get our amazing bison in complete bulk packages instead of just ground bison and thor's hammers. Pretty amazing right?!
We are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to offer you these unique meat options and can't be more excited to continue to bring you the very best!
Our Triangle S Family:
As we reflect on our Fox News moment, one thing is abundantly clear: none of this would have been possible without you, our Triangle S family. Your support, your encouragement, and your unwavering belief in us have propelled us forward every step of the way. And for that, we are eternally grateful.
As we bask in the afterglow of our Fox News feature, we want you to know that we're committed to continuing this journey with you, our loyal supporters, by our side. Together, we'll continue to grow, evolve, and chase our dreams with passion and determination.
Our journey from our ranch to Fox News has been nothing short of extraordinary. And through it all, our Triangle S family has been the heartbeat that sustains us. As we set out to dominate this next chapter, we do so with gratitude and pure excitement. Thank you for being a huge part of our story. The best is yet to come and can't be more thrilled to have you alongside us on this wild journey... heck who knew we'd be raising & selling bison, let alone elk too! 
And if you havent already, PLEASE take a few minutes to fill out our questionnaire to help us better serve you, bring more value and guide us in the right direction!

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