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Howdy y'all & Welcome to see all of our favorite things! From cozy coats to reliable hunting gear & guns, comfortable boots, exciting games, essential ranch equipment and supplies, and even top-notch appliances, theres a lot. We want to provide you with the best recommendations and help you find the perfect products for your needs. Please note that some of the links we provide are "affiliate links," which means we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. We hope y'all enjoy!

***P.S: Check Back Here OFTEN as we're always adding new things. We update this page frequently so keep checking here for our updated recommendations!***


Kuiu the hunting gear that Out Performs  

Which hunting gear should you invest in?

For all the hunting enthusiasts out there, we have compiled a list of essential gear that will enhance your hunting experience. From high-quality scopes, and comfortable & durable hunting apparel, we know what it takes to make your hunting trips successful and enjoyable.

Our Fav Hunting Gear & Apparel: Kuiu

Go undetected with HECS Hunting Technology: HECS

Our Fav Optics (scopes, binos & range finders: Leupold

What are the must-have coats for any season?

When it comes to staying warm and stylish, we have some fantastic recommendations for you. Whether you're braving the winter chill or preparing for a rainy spring, these coats will keep you cozy and they're actually durable. We've handpicked the our favorites that actually withstand the abuse (we've tested!).

Womens Oilskin WINTER Jacket: Outback Adelaide Jacket

Heavy Winter Work Coats & Bibs: Carhartt

Men's Durable Work Pants: Carhartt Double Knee Carpenter Pants

Women's Work & Riding Jeans: Cowgirl Tuff DFMI

Boy's Jeans that last(ish): Wrangler Original Cowboy Cut Jeans



The Best Tested for Your Home Kitchen

Don't know what tools, appliances, and suuper handy kitchen gadgets you need that are tested tried & true? We've got you covered. If Megan recommends it here, its been put through the ringer. She only uses the most practical, user friendly, simple & healthy kitchen tools as we're BIG proponents of simplicity & natural!

USA Handmade Steel Kitchen Knives: Foreseti Steel

Instapot / Airfryer 4 quick meals: Instapot Airfryer 6qt Cooker

Quality Baking Supplies: King Arthur Baking

Food Preservation: Lehman's

Spices: King Arthur

Organic / Natural Foods Shipped to You: Thrive Market

Mason Jar Drinking Mugs: Shenandoah


Essential ranch equipment and supplies you need

We have handpicked a selection of ranch equipment and supplies that are essential for any ranch owner, of any size. From sturdy fences to reliable tools, these recommendations will help you maintain your ranch efficiently.

Veterinarian Supplies: A to Z Vet Supply

Best Hydraulic Cattle Chute: Silencer

Livestock Equipment: Tractor Supply

Roping Chutes: Chute Help

Our Tested & Favorite Power Tools: Milwaukee

Outdoor & Survival Gear

Ok, anyone that knows us knows we try to be prepared...just in case. From fire starters, handy backpacking gear, and so much more survival gear that we have tested & loved. 

Fire Starter for all weather conditions: Black Beard Fire

Child Carrier for Hiking: Osprey POCO LT



Milking & Cheesemaking Supplies

We love our little Jersey, Naomi Juggs. She truly has been the best dairy cow and have been so blessed with her adundant amount of milk! So after testing and trying what works. We've come up with a list of what we love for processing milk & making cheese!

BEST Cheesemaking Book using ONLY Natural Ingredients: The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

Stainless Steel Hand Milking Kit: Shenandoah Supply

Milk Filters (necessity for milking): Milk Filter Disks

Milking Supplies: Lehman's

1/2 Gallon Glass Jars: Lehman's



Homestead Essentials

After lots of time, money and headaches figuring what works & what doesnt for our ranching operations & homesteading lifestyle.. we've put together a list of what we recommend that we've loved & know what works. 

Go Off-Grid with Self-Service Solar: Renogy

Complete Homestead Supplies: Lehman's

Grain Mill: Nurtimill Electric Grain Mill

Kid Approved FUN!

If we put it here, that means our wild, rough, sweet & crazy boys have given it their 2 thumbs up!

Eco-Friendly STEM Craft Kits: Green Kid Crafts

Awesome Woodworking Kits: Annie's Kid Craft - Woodworking Kit

Kids Functional Tool Set: Stanley JR. Tool Set



Health & Wellness

We are big proponants of natural products for household cleaners to alternative medicine. We also have some traditional household products that after testing so many things, these actually work. So here we put together a list of products & brands that we've come to love and appreciate

Heavy Duty Laundry Detergent 4 Oil/Grease/Fuel: Permatex Fast Orange

Herbal Nutrition Supplements: GodBodOrganics 


Remember, when you shop through the affiliate links we provide, you not only get great products but also support our blog. We appreciate your trust in our recommendations. Happy shopping!

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