Inflation Sucks

Inflation…the topic that all of us are dealing with but not our favorite topic to discuss!
From gas to groceries, national inflation has caused us all more stress and budgeting than any of us would like.
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However, when running a business it puts us and many others in a hard spot. The last thing any of us want to do is raise prices for you and all of our customers. Our challenge is that we, unfortunately, also have to keep up with the high demand of prices in many aspects of our business.
Because of the ridiculously insane rising costs, you may have noticed that we have increased our prices, despite trying to hold off as long as we could. To accommodate our own rising costs we had to raise our prices by an average of 30%...I know y'all it sucks!
Just to bring some data into perspective... In the last year, our average total cost increase to run our business has gone up 65%... yes 65% average!
Let's dive into a little more detail here and break down our cost increase averages to help see the reason for prices increasing, not just us but literally EVERYWHERE! 
Let's first tackle fuel. I know, I know we all are seeing the absolutely asinine cost increase in fuel that has severely effected us all and we are all feeling that pain! Having a diesel truck and equipment is vital for the everyday running of our ranch and business, and the cost of fuel, both gas and diesel, went up 75-100% in the last year and up to 150% at times!
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Feed and vet supply prices have really been one for the books y'all. Hay, grain, and straw for our livestock have averaged a 50-60% + increase. Minerals, salt, supplies and supplement went up an average of 30%.
Day to day business costs have all increased. All shipping materials including boxes, insulation, dry ice and other everyday shipping materials as well as shipping freight went up an average 30-40%.
The cost to purchase livestock also went up 25% in the last year too. All in all, there have been major increase in all of our business needs and materials, therefore bringing the prices of our products up. Not just for us but really for every business.
Needless to say, everything has increased in cost and it stinks. Food, clothing, fuel, insurance, power, vehicles, parts, everyday supplies, literally everything has increased to some degree for every single one of us. It hurts and it truly pains us to have to increase our prices for y'all. 
Triangle S Livestock Stark Family
With all of that being said, we hope this paints a clearer picture as to increased prices for our high end meat. We will always do everything we can to not only provide the best care and feed to our livestock, even through these increases we will never jeopardize the quality of feed to save a dollar in turn jeopardizing the health of our cattle and quality of meat. Our goal is to always strive to provide y'all with the best meat possible.
We want to personally thank all of our customers and future customers for sticking with us through this hard time. We will continue to do all we can to keep costs down to the best of our ability yet constantly give you the very best, because you truly deserve it! Thank you for your support, we love y'all and couldn't do this without you! 

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