Let's Talk mRNA Vaccine, Livestock Vaccines and Where We Stand on it all

In the world of livestock management, vaccination decisions carry significant weight, impacting the health, productivity, and overall well-being of our animals. Amidst all of the information surrounding mRNA vaccine and other livestock vaccines, it's crucial to educate yourself and understand where some of us stand on the matter. So let's dive into some simple facts and our perspective, rooted in years of experience and unwavering dedication to our livestock and customers welfare.


The mRNA Vaccine Development and Testing

Contrary to popular belief, mRNA vaccine research for livestock has actually been underway for years. Iowa State University, a pioneering institution in agricultural research, has been actively testing mRNA vaccines since 2011. The mRNA vaccine is fortunately not required nor will be in the near future in the cattle industry in the United States.

Understanding the mRNA Vaccine

At its core, mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid) vaccines operate on a simple yet profound principle. When injected into the body, mRNA then serves as a code of specific instructions to cells in the body about how to manufacture a protein (or part of one) that mimics the shape characteristics of the virus. That protein then triggers the antibody immune response in the body that fights the real virus. (Ref: Alderspring Ranch)

Livestock Vaccination: A Matter of Choice

Trevor and I strongly believe that producers should exercise their freedom to choose when it comes to vaccination decisions. We adamantly support that vaccinations, including the mRNA vaccine, should never be mandated or coerced upon livestock producers. Each producer possesses invaluable insight into their herd's unique needs, like ourselves, and respecting their judgment is paramount in fostering a collaborative and supportive agricultural community. The exception arises when participating in specific certification programs or contractual agreements with companies that stipulate vaccination protocols. We would like to add that when it comes to vaccinating, whether it be viral &/or bacterial, for every producer big and small to do their research and make educated, well-informed decisions to their vaccination protocol and honestly do what they feel is right for their program and not just what everyone else is doing.

Our Personal Stance

In alignment with our principles, education and observations, we stand behind our decision to never the administration of mRNA vaccine to our livestock. Despite external pressures or industry trends, we prioritize the holistic health and natural resilience of our animals. Through meticulous management practices and targeted interventions, we have cultivated a thriving herd without relying on experimental vaccines or pharmaceutical interventions.

A Personal Commitment to Health

Our decision to abstain from mRNA vaccination and many others is not arbitrary; it stems from a deep-seated commitment to healthy, natural, ethical and sustainable livestock management. As advocates for agricultural diversity and individual choice, we respect the decisions of all producers regarding vaccination practices. In our operation, we have chosen not to vaccinate our livestock for viral infections. Despite this choice, we have observed no discernible difference in the health or well-being of our animals. Instead, we prioritize bacterial infection prevention through a single immunity shot that is given one-time in their life, tailored to our herd's specific needs. In doing this, we virtually eliminate the stress from over working our livestock by constantly vaccinating and increase the overall health of our animals! Ensuring a more happy and healthy animal!

Looking Forward: Advocating for Informed Choices

As stewards of our land and livestock, we recognize the importance of informed decision-making and ongoing dialogue within the agricultural community. We urge producers to prioritize research, transparency, and shared learning to safeguard the integrity of our farming practices and the well-being of our animals.

Our stance to administering vaccines to our livestock reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical and evidence and experience-based livestock management. By empowering producers to make informed choices and advocating for transparency and independence, we uphold the principles of integrity and sustainability in agriculture. 

We personally believe that by taking such precautions we are producing a true natural and healthy product for you, in turn improving your personal health and well-being too. We encourage everyone to always do your homework and don't be afraid to ask questions. And if you're a future customer trying to find the right product for you - ask questions like these to find out how their animals are being cared for and handled so you can make informed decisions on the food that you consume!

Our goal is to not only have happy & healthy livestock, but have happy & healthy customers like yourself! Transparency is key and that's one of the things you will always find with us, Triangle S (the Stark Family), is we will always be transparent because you deserve it.


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  • Thank you for not vaccinating your cattle with MRNA vaccines. That always worried me about buying beef or any meat, not knowing if the animals had been given MRNA Vax. I never took any COVID vaccine and never intend to. I would buy your beef now knowing that it has not been contaminated with that evil vaccine. My family were all ranchers too and they vaccinated for certain diseases that cattle can get but that was before this COVID crap started and the vaccines were not contaminated with MRNA. My family are all gone now except for us kids, but I am glad you are upholding the old ranching traditions.

    Cheryl Gehrke

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