Half Bulk Bison Share

Half Bulk Bison Share

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Introducing our exclusive whole bulk bison share. Y'all this is a true testament to the untamed spirit of the American West. Born free and raised on open pastures of 100% grasses, these bison roam in their natural habitat, resulting in meat that's as purely natural and organic as it gets. They're of course humanely raised and free of any impurities such as antibiotics and added hormones... and ALWAYS NO mRNA vaccine! But it's not just about the wild allure – bison meat boasts numerous health benefits. It's leaner than beef, yet richer in flavor, with lower fat content and higher protein levels. Plus, it's packed with essential nutrients like iron and zinc just like beef.

Our Bison shares are available by pre-order, you're not just purchasing phenomenal meat; you're investing in a pure exotic experience. Secure your share with a non-refundable deposit, demonstrating your dedication to savoring the very best from the best. From the moment your order is placed, we prioritize quality. Each bison is dry-aged for 7 days, enhancing its tenderness and depth of flavor. Then, it's meticulously vacuum-sealed to preserve freshness and protect against freezer burn.

With our bison shares, you're not just buying meat – you're embracing a tradition, supporting sustainable practices, and indulging in nature's bounty. Experience the untamed taste of the wild with every bite. And in case you havent tried All-Natural, Pasture Raised, Grass Fed Bison before... we want you to be aware it has a fairly distinct flavor; a strong beef and slight "gamey" taste to it. 

Wait times on your bison will vary but average about 1-2 months out from processing. Depending on demand, we could be as much as 4 months out, but it just depends. Once you place your order please keep an eye on your email for follow-up communication on when your bison is scheduled so you know when everything will be expected to happen! So Exciting!

In this Half Bison package here's what you to expect in your order:

Approximately 155-170 lbs of Bison, give or take depending on the finishing weight of your bison as it will vary.

  • Steaks: Thick cut at 1.25" - Tbone, New York, Filet Mignon, Ribsteaks, Cowboy Steaks, Sirloins, Round, Skirt, Flank, Flat Iron, Denver, Hangar steaks
  • Roasts: Sirloin Tip, Rump, Chuck, Tri-Tip, Brisket, Thor's Hammers
  • Extra Cuts: Spare Ribs, Stew Meat, Fajita Strips, Ground Bison.
  • Other Options if wanted: Liver, bison fat, heart

Plus you'll also receive:

  • Some rad Triangle S Swag!
  • Homemade Cookies & extra treats because we appreciate you
  • A personalized hand written note from us, the Starks!