Exclusive Premium Bison Box

Exclusive Premium Bison Box

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Immerse yourself in the delightful blend of surprise and certainty with our 100% Ranch Club EXCLUSIVE Premium Bison Box. Our bison are humanely and regeneratively ranch-raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished, always all-natural and vaccine free, ensuring the purest and most natural meat with great flavor. Each month, you’ll receive a box filled with delicious healthy meaty surprises, yummy treats and rad extras.

Your Premium Bison Box will feature your chosen number of pounds of our exceptional Triangle S cuts, offering a perfectly balanced mix of:

- Dry-aged steaks
- Ground bison
- Roasts
- Briskets
- And more

Anticipate an assortment that may include:

- Ground Bison
- Premium Steaks
- Mid-Range Steaks or Cuts
- Bison Roasts, Thor’s Hammer, or Ribs
- Bison Stew Bites or Fajita Strips
- Bison Bacon, Bones & More

Every box is a celebration of culinary perfection, promising an abundance of flavor and excitement with each delivery.

* Each month, we also include a complimentary gift from a local small business, introducing you to the unique and remarkable  from our community. Discover a new local favorite in every box!

* Enjoy the sweet touch of homemade cookies included in every delivery.

* Additionally, each box may contain surprise treats, gifts, recipes, and other delightful extras, enhancing your monthly unboxing experience.

We are grateful for your support. When you place an order with us you aren't just a number, you become a part of our family... our Triangle S family! And to extend the support even further, you’re also uplifting several small and local businesses. Stay rad friends!

*Please note, we cannot accommodate special requests for this surprise box, as it is packed based on current inventory. For specific cuts, consider adding a box or selecting add-ons from the Ranch Club page and our Bison Shop. You can switch between boxes, cuts and preference bundles each month to suit your tastes.