Beefalo Flat Iron Steak

Beefalo Flat Iron Steak

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Although not a new concept, Beefalo is not a common cross and a rare meat to come across...let alone when fed and handled properly. For those that haven't a clue what a beefalo is, a beefalo is a cross between a beef and bison creating a cattalo or beefalo.

Some of the great benefits of Beefalo meat, when properly handled, bred & fed:

  • Higher in Protein
  • Slightly less marbling¬†
  • Less Calories
  • Less Cholesterol
  • More Intense Beefy Flavor

While we are still experimenting and have high hopes for our new, exciting Beefalo program, we want y'all to know how much we have poured into these guys and how absolutely excited we are to be able to offer this amazing, healthy meat to you. Our Beefalo are fed a minimum of 19 months!

Our Beefalo stock is VERY Limited and will only be available for a very limited time. Please be patient with us as we continue to grow our herd and bring you the best. But also understand that we will be out of stock most of the time as our numbers are limited. We recommend getting on our Beefalo waitlist &/or place an order of Beefalo to stay connected when we are back in stock. Now...onto the reason you're here!

The flat iron is a relatively unknown cut that is gaining popularity and is definitely underestimated. This pretty little steak is PACKED with so much flavor and tenderness like a ribeye or strip (New York) steak but easier on your wallet being relatively inexpensive in comparison. 

A popular steak for grilling or just throwing on the cast iron real quick ‚ÄĒthe flat iron steak is a great, thick sliced steak (1 - 1.5" thick), known for its intense marbling and great flavor!¬†

2 - 3 steaks per pack (varies depending on size of steaks)