BBQ Fanatics Package

BBQ Fanatics Package

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BBQin' and smokin' meat is a staple on our ranch and quite frankly something we do year-round (yes even when its snowing outside...we aren't quitters)! This package is full of a variety of our perfectly prepared mouthwatering dry-aged beef. You'll get several different cuts that are absolutely perfect to slap on that grill or smoker of yours in this package to start grillin' & chillin' like a pro!  

Box Includes:

  • 12-14# Full Packer Brisket (brisket packaging may vary between vacuum sealed or double wrapped butcher paper/plastic)
  • 1pkg - Beef Ribs (spare or back)
  • 6# - Ground Beef
  • 2-3# - Roast
  • 1pkg of steaks (sirloin, skirt steak, flank, new york, etc...)
  • A few yummy Homemade cookies!


Weight of the BBQ Fanatics package varies between 19-25#.