BBQ Fanatics Package

BBQ Fanatics Package

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BBQin' and smokin' meat is a staple on our ranch and quite frankly something we do year-round (yes even when its snowing outside...we aren't quitters)! This package is full of a variety of our perfectly prepared mouthwatering dry-aged beef. You'll get several different cuts that are absolutely perfect to slap on that grill or smoker of yours in this package to start grillin' & chillin' like a pro!  

Box Includes:

  • 12-14# Full Packer Brisket (brisket packaging may vary between vacuum sealed or double wrapped butcher paper/plastic)
  • 1pkg - Beef Ribs (spare, Korean or back)
  • 3 pkgs - Ground Beef
  • 1 - Roast
  • 1pkg of steaks (sirloin, skirt steak, flank, new york, etc...)
  • A few yummy Homemade cookies!

* Additionally, Each Ranch Club box will come with a FREE product from a LOCAL small business to bring awareness to other great businesses in the area and give you some extra goodies every single month. We will feature a New Local small business every month in your order!

Thank you for your support. By supporting us you are also supporting other local small businesses too!

Weight of the BBQ Fanatics package varies between 18-24#.