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Triangle S Livestock Beefalo Calves

Besides being super interesting I'm sure you're asking yourself...Why Beefalo??Well why not is what we say! 

For those that haven't a clue what a beefalo is, a beefalo is a cross between a beef and bison creating a cattalo or beefalo.  

So...What are the benefits of beefalo?

Meat: (generally)

  • Higher protein
  • Less intermuscular fat (marbling)
  • Less calories
  • Less cholesterol
  • More intense beefy flavor

 Breeding: (generally)

  • Improved disease resistance
  • Low birth weights, calving ease
  • Improved climate adaptability
  • Higher feed efficiency
  • Longer lifespan


Although this cross is great on so many levels, they do create some challenges in breeding. Breeding the first 2 generations between the bison & beef cross is risky and comes with difficulties. As we get our herd underway, we will keep you all updated and, as soon as we have amazing product to ship right to your door, we will shout it from the rooftops! 

While we won't go into details, there are differences between cattalo and beefalo. Either way they both are crosses with bison & beef and create a phenomenal hybrid.

As our herd grows, we will have beefalo that we will continue to feed out for you every year. To start this herd of high quality beefalo we have been able to purchase local, all-natural, well bred beefalo calves from a fellow rancher. Just as our cattle herd, these calves are Idaho born and bred.

These beefalo are really great on so many levels and we can't wait for y'all to come along with us on this journey and experience the difference. As always we aim to only produce the absolute best and highest quality product for you and your family. So stay tuned in as we will continue to keep y'all updated on this journey!  

Bison and Beef coming together...BEEFALO

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