Exclusive Premium Beef Box

Exclusive Premium Beef Box

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A little bit of mystery mixed with a lot of certainty! This 100% Ranch Club EXCLUSIVE Premium beef box features so much deliciousness packed with absolute excitement it's like getting a Christmas gift from your crazy Uncle Si every single month...you never quite know what you're going to get but you know its going to be radically awesome! 

This surprise box will include your requested number of pounds of Triangle S cuts. Typically each month you'll get some certainty of packed with the perfectly balanced amount of including a MIX of our dry aged steaks, ground beef, roasts, briskets, beef bacon etc.  

This Surprise Monthly Meat Box will include an assortment of the following based on inventory: 

  • Ground Beef & Stew Bites/Fajita Strips

  • Premium Steaks¬†

  • Mid-Range Steaks or Cuts

  • Beef Roasts or Ribs

  • Beef Stew Bites or Fajita Strips

  • Beef Bacon Bones & more

      You're going to love this box. So much excitement. So much fun. And so much heavenly deliciousness you won't be able to contain yourself.

      * Additionally, each box will come with a FREE product from a LOCAL small business to bring awareness to other great businesses in the area and give you some extra goodies every single month. We will feature a NEW Local small business every month in your order!

      * And of course, you’ll always receive handmade cookies from our local baker Brookie’s Cookies!

      * Because this is our surprise box, you'll also expect to get some other surprise treats, gifts, recipes or who knows what else every single month too!

      Thank you for supporting us! By supporting us you are also supporting other small and local businesses! Stay rad friends!

      *we cannot accommodate special requests in this box - it will be packed based on inventory on hand :)  if you'd like to request certain cuts, please add a box or any of the specific add-ons from the Ranch Club page &/or our Beef Shop based on your preferences! You can change between boxes and preference bundles each month.