Beefalo 1/8 Share *Pre-Order*

Beefalo 1/8 Share *Pre-Order*

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* Pre-Order Sale* Very limited stock available *

Get your orders in now before we sell out y'all!

In very high demand! We only have a few of these high end beefalo available every year that we feed out for you to enjoy!

Now you might be asking the question as to why Beefalo??

Well...why not! The combination of both bison & beef couldn't be more interesting and if yall are looking for an even better meat than our regular high end beef, this is it right here! 

As usual everything we raise is all-natural, antibiotic free and humanely & responsibly ranch raised. We pride ourselves on our quality and transparency of our livestock and meat. These beefalo are fed free range high quality hay, grazing 24/7! And are also gradually given a very specific custom grain ration to enhance their already amazing meat to an even more phenomenal product for you.


- Intense beefy flavor

- Super tender 

- Slightly less intermuscular fat (marbling)

- Less cholesterol 

- Higher protein 


This is our 1st year with beefalo, so bare with us as we continue to fine tune and experiment. Our whole goal is to produce a healthy and high end animal to in turn produce the best meat for you. Since this is our 1st year, we do not have any pictures of the meat yet until we process the 1st bunch this winter. So we'll have pictures soon! We would expect to see the meat looking very similar to our regular high end beef, with less marbling and a deeper red.

These beefalo will be ready this winter- spring '23. It all depends on the steer individually when they're ready. But we'll keep y'all well informed on any updates and when your beef is ready! We require just a half down non-refundable deposit to reserve your beef and the remaining balance when your beef is being processed. Pricing is as follows: 

Total: $1499

*Non-refundable Deposit: $749

Due at processing: $749

*Deposit is non-refundable unless the beefalo has an accidental severe injury or death.

The pricing also includes all of the processing fees and shipping costs making it that much more convenient for you! Weight varies between 70-80#

Y'all we are so darn stoked about this new adventure and feel so privileged to have the opportunity to raise these beefalo and to make it better is having y'all with us alongside this adventure. We can't wait for this 1st crop of steers to finish and y'all to enjoy! 

When your order is shipped it will come with some rad Triangle S Livestock Swag & delicious homemade cookies!