Ground Beef - 40 lbs.

Ground Beef - 40 lbs.

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*** All of our beef is pre-ordered and will be ready to ship starting in March. Our cattle are still growing and as we all know you can't rush perfection! (Plus we refuse to rush and push our cattle to the max for production, their lives matter and we want them happy & healthy!) Limited quantities are available as we are doing everything we can to keep up with demand! And if you're wanting high end beef coming right to your door on a consistent basis, sign up for our beef subscription - it's adjustable to your schedule! Thank you for your support!

All costs are included: Butcher costs, packing, and delivery to your address.

All of our beef is grass fed / grain finished with no hormones, no antibiotics & non-gmo! All grains we feed our cattle are all locally grown as we feel strongly about supporting local!

All of our beef is fed nothing but the best and highest of quality feed! We pride ourselves in the quality of cattle and feed resulting in high-end, high-quality beef.

Our beef is dry-aged 18-21 days, which makes our beef more tender and flavorful. Store bought beef and most beef bought online is cut fresh and packaged, not giving the meat enough time to age properly.

We don’t outsource our beef to other farms/ranches like many other online meat companies do, if it’s not here where we are feeding & watching them they don’t get processed. So we have the ultimate quality control here at Triangle S and are very proud to say that.

We use and execute low-stress cattle handling at our ranch using Dr. Temple Grandin’s low-stress management and facility recommendations. Here at Triangle S, we feel strong about practicing humane, low-stress cattle handling. Happy healthy cattle = happy healthy eating!

Thank you for supporting local farmers & ranchers! Not only are you supporting us but also other local farms/ranches here in Idaho. Just because you purchase some of the best tasting beef here, doesn’t mean the support stops there. We feed the highest quality grains & ingredients to our livestock all purchased from local farms & ranches located here in Idaho, creating a circle of local support…so thank you from not just us but from Idaho farmers & ranchers! It’s because of you that the American farmer & rancher can keep farming & ranching!

There may be a wait time of up to 3-4 weeks for beef, or we may have it in storage. Please contact us for exact timing, or if you have any other questions, we would love to chat and help you!


Enjoy 40 pounds of our premium, high-quality, dry-aged Ground Beef in 2 pound packages. 85/15 mix